Get The Benefits You Deserve

Get The Benefits You Deserve

Talk to a Social Security benefits attorney serving Plano, TX

Have you finally hit the age when you can apply for Social Security benefits? Are you having a hard time applying for Medicaid benefits? Turn to The Humble Law Firm PLLC for help from an experienced Social Security benefits and Medicaid attorney. Attorney Macy A. Melton takes cases all over Plano, TX.

Macy A. Melton is a well-versed Medicaid and Social Security benefits attorney. She'll let you know if you qualify for the government benefits you're seeking. If you do, she'll minimize errors on your application to give you the best chance of approval. Attorney Melton will keep you informed every step of the way. Call the office now at (214) 296-2025 to get started.

3 issues a Social Security benefits attorney can help solve

Government benefit applications can be confusing. A Social Security benefits attorney can clear up your questions and smooth out the process. Attorney Melton can:

  1. Apply for Social Security or Medicaid in a way that maximizes your benefits
  2. Submit an appeal if you're unfairly denied government benefits
  3. Resolve disputes that may come up about the benefit amount or paybacks

Talk to a Medicaid attorney in Plano, TX today for help with your application or appeal. Attorney Melton will do her best to get you the benefits you need.