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Planning for the Future Has Never Been Easier

Hire an estate planning and guardianship attorney in Plano, TX

When you choose The Humble Law Firm PLLC, you can rest assured that your future is in capable hands. As your estate planning or guardianship attorney, Macy A. Melton will help you resolve issues and set plans for the years to come.

Macy A. Melton, is the principal guardianship and estate planning attorney at The Humble Law Firm. She comes with over two decades of legal experience. As a sole attorney, Macy A. Melton can give you the personal attention you need.

Talk to Ms. Melton about your legal needs now. She looks forward to discussing your concerns and creating a plan that will assist your whole family while protecting benefits for your loved one on needs-based benefits like SSI or Medicaid. Call (214) 296-2025 today.

Prepare for the future by creating a will and appropriate trusts, including a special needs trust.

Does your loved one need a Guardianship? Explore the options and alternatives.

We can assist you in creating nonprofits and assisting in their administration.

Need help navigating the labyrinth of Government Benefits?

Choose the attorney Special Needs parents trust in Plano, TX

Attorney Macy A. Melton is not only a reputable attorney in Plano, TX, but she is a mother of young adult with autism. She has walked the road you are traveling and can understand your concerns and challenges:

Estate planning: you need a will and appropriate trusts, including special needs trusts, to provide for your loved ones after you pass away.

Divorce planning: Certain special needs trust are needed to avoid child support being counted as income to the benefits recipient.

Guardianship: Not all disabled adults need a guardianship and courts are more and more reluctant to grant them. Macy can help you weigh options to establish a guardianship or lesser restrictive alternatives.

Government Benefits: With an understanding of the maze of rules regarding government benefits, she'll help you plan to maximize those benefits.

No matter your legal needs, you can expect The Humble Law Firm to prioritize your interests. Get in touch with attorney Macy Melton, an experienced estate planning attorney, today to learn more about her services.

Form your nonprofit with attorney Melton's support

Are you having trouble forming a nonprofit organization? The right attorney can make the process a breeze. Attorney Macy A. Melton can handle nonprofit formation in Plano, TX. Reach out to The Humble Law Firm immediately for the guidance you need.