Do You Need An Estate Planning Attorney?

Do You Need An Estate Planning Attorney?

Draft wills and trusts with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney located in Plano, TX and serving families throughout Texas

If you do not plan and execute a Will or other device, your estate will go to your heirs at law, which may not be how you intend it, particularly if you have remarried or have had children in multiple marriages.

Further, if you have a child with special needs, they cannot hold title to assets in excess of $2,000 or they will be disqualified from government benefits. This is why a special needs trust to hold those assets is a must. Further, an adult child with special needs may be supported by child support payments even after reaching adulthood, but these payments will be counted as income to the child unless handled properly. Such income can disqualify the child for benefits or significantly reduce those benefits unless they are paid into a different kinds of special needs trust. Let us explain these nuances to you.

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The benefits of establishing wills and trusts

There's no optimal time to start working on wills and trusts. The sooner, the better as one never knows what the future holds. When you draft a will, you can:

  • Decide who gets which of your assets upon your passing
  • Protect children from unwise investment decisions and bad marriages
  • Make special provision for spouses and children of blended families
  • Provide for a loved one with special needs
  • Designate someone to care for minor children or disabled children
  • Set aside gifts and donations
  • Minimize estate taxes, if applicable
  • Speed up or eliminate the probate process for your loved ones

Attorney Macy A. Melton will guide you through the will and trust drafting process. Get in touch with us today to create a clear, detailed estate plan.