Find Help With Non-Profit Formation Law in Plano, TX

Find Help With Non-Profit Formation Law in Plano, TX

Attorney Melton has the experience you're looking for

You have a cause close to your heart, and you're ready to start supporting it financially. Forming a nonprofit is the perfect way to give back to the community and support different causes. However, starting a nonprofit organization isn't easy to do on your own. Fortunately, The Humble Law Firm PLLC is here to help. Focus on developing a mission statement and hiring employees while attorney Macy A. Melton takes care of the nonprofit formation.

Attorney Melton knows what it takes to form a nonprofit organization in Plano, TX. She'll work hard to get a tax-exempt status and file all of the paperwork promptly. She'll also inform you of the policies and procedures you need to maintain in regards to fundraising and employees. Attorney Melton can also handle privacy matters that come up during nonprofit formation.

Get in touch with attorney Melton right away to learn all about nonprofit formation in Plano, TX.

Provide for a family member with special needs

Special needs trusts can protect government benefits eligibility for individuals with special needs. Attorney Macy A. Melton can help you determine which type of special needs trust is best for your family member with special needs.

Visit The Humble Law Firm to set up your special needs trusts today.